“Trump saw the EU as an enemy against his interests, and this is a total mistake”

Posted: Wednesday July 21 2021 5:41 PM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on Wednesday defended the importance that the tour which begins in the United States can have for the Spanish economy, and during which he will not meet the President of the country, Joe Biden.

Sánchez started the program for this tour, which, after New York, will also take him to Los Angeles and San Francisco, with an interview on the program “Morning Joe” on the MSNBC channel.

The reporter who conducted the interview discussed with the CEO the reasons for his tour and why he had not included a visit to Washington to meet Biden. The president of the government underlined then that the objective is economic since, after the pandemic, Spain defines its roadmap for the modernization of the economy and for that it wishes to count on the investments of the private sector of the United States. .

“This is why we are here”, he declared before recalling that he was going to meet the representatives of the main investment funds. Sánchez took the opportunity to congratulate Biden and describe his arrival at the White House as “good news” not only for the United States, but for the whole world.

Trump and vaccination as an ideology

Sánchez recalled the important decisions he has already taken in the face of global challenges such as the country’s return to the Paris agreement against climate change, and stressed that after the pandemic, relations between the United States and the European Union have yet to continue. especially since the administration of Donald Trump had an attitude “difficult to understand”. He also regretted that Trump saw the European Union as “some kind of enemy against his interests”, which he sees as part of a “total error”.

Sánchez said it was difficult to talk about the economy and not link it to the coronavirus pandemic and reviewed the current situation in Spain facing COVID-19. In this context, he stressed that the Spanish society has not rejected vaccination, that the short-term goal is for 70 percent of the population to be vaccinated by the end of the summer, that the main problem is now among young people and that recovery may only go hand in hand with vaccination.

The president of the government rejected ideological or partisan battles in the fight against the pandemic and stressed that what the world faces is a global public health challenge.

“This is not a question of progressives or conservatives, it is a question of public health,” he stressed.

Feminist government and flag for equality

Another of the lessons of the pandemic that he envisioned is to understand the importance of digitization, of cybersecurity, an issue in which he indicated that Spain aspires to be a world leader.

Sánchez expressed his pride in his government’s equality policies, recalled the measures approved in this direction and underlined the particular commitment against gender-based violence. He also refused to see equality as an ideological issue and, in the face of this, he said it was a human rights issue.

After this meeting, the Prime Minister scheduled a meeting with representatives of the main investment funds in the United States.

The rest of your American agenda

This is Sánchez’s first trip to the United States in the Biden stage. Sánchez travels without big businessmen, but with representatives of five Spanish start-ups to show modernity. After this interview and the meeting with the investment funds, he will have two more meetings with Michael Bloomberg and with the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink.

Afterwards, he will be interviewed by Reuters and the day will end with the inauguration of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain, located in the Chriysler building, in the economic heart of Manhattan.

The next stop is Los Angeles. There, Sánchez will visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), also attend a symposium hosted by the Cervantes Institute at UCLA, be interviewed by CNN in Spanish, and eventually hold a meeting with key CEOs of the audiovisual (Netflix, HBO, Disney, Warner, Activision) in the events industry Spain audiovisual hub at NBC Universal studios, in which he will intervene.

Finally, the last city to visit is San Francisco. The President of the Government will visit the Apple campus in Cupertino with the CEO of the company, Tim Cook. Afterwards, you will have lunch with the CEOs of HP, Intel, Qualcomm, PayPal, Levi’s and Microsoft. It is followed by another interview, this time with the Bloomberg Technology specialty channel.

Finally, he will meet Spanish investors and entrepreneurs on the HP campus, after which he will appear in front of the media for the first time throughout the tour. The final touch is an investor event hosted by AmCham Spain and investor Steve Westly.

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