Trump’s latest ‘trump card’ also fails, lost in Georgia senatorial election Kelly Loeffler what’s to come – Raphael Warnock defeats Kelly Loeffler in Georgia second round, David Perdue defeats Jon Ossoff

Donald Trump’s special election Callie Loeffler lost the two-seat Senate election in Georgia, about 2 months after the US presidential election ended. Callie is defeated by Joe Biden’s Democratic Party leader Rafael Warnoch up close. At the same time, the dominance of the Democratic Party over the US Senate (Parliament), which is under the influence of Republicans, is being decided.

Trump also lost Georgia’s second seat

In Georgia’s second seat, Republican Leader David Perdue was defeated by Democratic Party Leader John Ossoff. After this victory, Joe Biden, confident, is about to be sworn in on January 20 at the White House. After the victory of the two Democratic Party candidates, some members of the Republican Party want to break it over Donald Trump.

Biden’s party has full control over the Senate

Newly elected President of the US Democratic Party, Joe Biden, had to win both Georgia seats to gain full control of Parliament or Senate. His party has succeeded in this work. Whereas the Republicans were to win only one seat. From now on, Biden or his party will no longer have to face defeat in Parliament on any bill.

Trump pushed to change election result

On Saturday, an audio of President Donald Trump went viral in which he was heard pressuring the Georgia election result in his favor. This phone call from Trump was strongly condemned. People have described it as an attempt to illegally manipulate votes. The American media compared this audio to the Watergate scandal.

Trump accused of fraud in US election

U.S. President Donald Trump has consistently asserted since his defeat in the election that his loss to Joe Biden was largely due to vote confusion. Trump’s claim has been rejected by state and federal election officials and many courts. Trump made that phone call to Georgia Secretary of State and Republican Leader Brad Ruffensperger at a time when some of his allies in the U.S. Congress decided to oppose Biden’s official certificate of victory.

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