Trump’s’ publicity ‘didn’t work with Modi, Biden became Indians’ first choice

In the US presidential election, Republican Party candidate Donald Trump is seen as a major setback and heading into a crisis. In this election, Donald Trump, who “ campaigned ” with Prime Minister Modi, suffered a major setback from Indian voters. Trump was hoping that after addressing “ Howdy Modi ” and the crowd of millions in Ahmedabad, the Indian community would come to him, but that did not happen. According to a National Exit Poll report, 64% of Asian Americans voted in favor of Biden and only 30% of the vote was received by Trump. In 2016, during the elections, the same number of people supported the trump. Asian Americans make up the most of the top votes in the United States. However, their total number of votes is still less than 5%. Analysts believe that Asian American citizens can play an important role in the swing state. The survey of Asian American voters found that American citizens of Indian descent gave Joe Biden the most votes. At the same time, the American citizens of Vietnam supported Donald Trump, who strongly attacked China. The funny thing is, Chinese-American voters voted Donald Trump the most. Chinese Citizens Have Supported Donald Trump Chinese citizens have praised Donald Trump for speaking out against China’s brutal Communist regime. Let me tell you that more than a dozen Indians, including five women, have won elections held in many states with the US presidency. This is the first time in many ways for the Indo-American community. Apart from these, four candidates of Indian origin – Dr. Amy Bera, Pramila Jaipal, Ro Khanna and Raja Krishnamurthy – were re-elected to the Lower House of Representatives of the US Congress. On the other hand, there are at least three candidates of Indian origin who were unsuccessful and one of them is vying for the House of Representatives. The five women of Indian descent elected to state legislatures include Jennifer Rajkumar for the New York State Legislature, Neema Kulkarni for the Kentucky State Legislature, Kesha Ram for the Senate of the ‘State of Vermont, Vandana Slater for the Washington State Legislature and the Michigan State Legislature. Padma Kuppa for. At the same time, Neeraj Antani was declared elected to the Ohio State Senate. Jay Chaudhary is re-elected to the North Carolina State Senate. Amish Shah won the Arizona State Assembly election. Nikhil Saval was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate and Rajiv Puri to the Michigan State Legislature. According to election results, Jeremy Cooney won his seat in the New York State Senate, while Ash Kalra was deported to the California Assembly for the third time in a row. Donald Trump “campaigned” with Prime Minister Modi. Earlier during the campaign, Trump’s campaign managers released their first video ad, aiming to woo more than 20 influential Indo-American voters. made. It included speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and brief excerpts from Trump’s historic speech in Ahmedabad. During the US President’s visit to India in February this year, Modi and Trump addressed a large crowd in Ahmedabad. Trump was joined by his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner and senior officials in his administration. In a tweet, Kimberly Guilfoyle, National Chairman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, said in a tweet: “America has a great relationship with India and our campaign enjoys great support from Indo-Americans.” Trump, along with Prime Minister Modi, addressed more than 50,000 Indo-Americans at the Howdy Modi event in Houston last year.

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