Trump’s team to withdraw Michigan trial, counted again here

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The presidential election is underway in the United States The last round was made by the Trump team on the victory of Joe Biden in Michigan on November 3. Case President Trump’s campaign team said he was withdrawing Michigan Washington trial
The last phase of the presidential election is underway in America. President Donald Trump’s team continued Joe Biden’s victory on November 3 in the US state of Michigan. Now President Trump’s campaign team has said he is withdrawing the Michigan trial. In contrast, the Wisconsin Election Commission on Thursday ordered to recount more than 800,000 votes cast in the two counties at the request of President Donald Trump.

The order was legally required after Trump paid $ 3 million for the recount. This was agreed to after a debate Wednesday evening for over five hours. Democratic Commissioner Mark Thomson said during the debate that it was extraordinary that we could not agree on this point among six people. The commission is divided 3-3 between Democrat and Republican. The vote count in Milwaukee and Dane counties will begin on Friday and is expected to be completed on December 1, where Joe Biden beat Trump by a 1 in 2 margin.

The next few weeks will be the eyes of the world on County Wisconsin
Trump’s publicity team cited “ irregularities ” in the county, although no evidence of illegal activity was presented. Wisconsin senior election official Megan Wolfe said Thursday that “we understand the world will be eyeing these Wisconsin counties over the next few weeks. (Entrance agency)

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