TSJM maintains ban on 8M protests in Madrid

There will be no mobilizations on 8M in Madrid. As LaSexta learned, the Superior Court of Justice in Madrid rejected the organizers’ appeals, thus upholding the ban on mergers on March 8 in the capital for public health reasons.

This decision follows the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Madrid to maintain the ban because of the “risk” posed by the epidemiological situation in the region.

More precisely, the three rejected judgments which are attached correspond to the appeals filed by the Women’s Council of the City of Madrid and the Feminist Political Forum of Madrid; Feminists from the Fuencarral-El Pardo neighborhood and Camila Banderas Briceño, organizers of various events that were to take place this Sunday.

The TSJM argues that “there has been no variation in the opinion of the health authorities”, adding the call “to the responsibility and commitment of citizens in front of any type of summons, demonstration, protest or concentration that may present a risk to the public health of the entire population ”of the General Council of Official Medical Associations.

He concludes that, given the “high number of participants and the expected duration” of the demonstrations, in addition to those provided for in the royal decree of the state of alarm, it is unfavorably reported on the achievement of the requested concentration by the promoters.

In the car, it is explained that the current epidemiological circumstances, with “high incidence rates and the appearance of new strains of COVID”, mean that an event of this type increases the risk of contagion “exponentially”.

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