tu-22m3: the American destroyer “ destroyer ” Kh-32 of the Russian nuclear bomber Tu-22M3 will be targeted; russian tu-22m3 nuclear bomber fires kh-32 supersonic cruise missile

Russia has tested the X-32 aircraft carrier killer missile (X-32 missile) from the Tu-22M3 nuclear bomber (Tu-22M3) amid growing tension with the United States. This bomber is so deadly that it can lead a nuclear attack from Russia to the United States once in flight. This missile is known as the aircraft carrier killer. Which can ruin any mighty warship at sea in an instant.

This missile can destroy enemy warships

The X-32 supersonic air-launched cruise missile is also known as the Kh-32. It was first inducted into the Russian Army in 2016. This missile has the power to destroy any enemy warship from 600 to 1000 km away. The range of this missile is greatly increased thanks to the aerial launch, as the American long-range nuclear bomber Tu-22M3 can carry it very close to the enemy.

The Kh-32 missile is the period of the aircraft carrier

Russia is working on a plan to deploy the X-32 missile as a primary weapon in its deadly TU-22 M3 nuclear bomber. Russia claimed the missile hit all of its targets when fired. The X-32 was developed primarily to eliminate aeronautical ships, such as aircraft carriers, as the air defense systems of warships cannot contain this missile.

Why the Russian Kh-32 missile is very deadly

Russia is also constantly improving the X-32 missile. The recently tested missile has a more powerful upgraded liquid propellant rocket motor. The missile also has an on-board digital computer complex, digital electronic equipment, an active-passive anti-jamming radar station and its own electronic warfare system. This missile is capable of flying very close to hypersonic speed, so it would be extremely difficult for the missile defense system to hit it.

How dangerous is the Tu-22M3 bomber

The Tu-22M3 is developed from the Tu-22M of the Soviet Union. Which is capable of attacking up to a distance of 5100 km at supersonic speed. The maximum speed of this deadly nuclear-capable bomber plane is 2300 kilometers per hour. 40 meters long and 34 meters wide, this bomber flies using turbojets. Recently, two prototypes of the TU-22 M3 were produced, which are currently undergoing flight tests.

This bomber can dodge the radar

America is also afraid of this deadly bomber. Because, this bomber is able to fly low enough to avoid taking the radar. NATO, a military organization led by the United States, named it Backfire-C. It also has an aerial refueling nose to refuel the air. This further increases its reach. Russia has also tested its ship on the Syrian battlefield. Where he had destroyed many terrorist targets by his horrific bombardment.

Why America Feels Tu-22M3

The US Navy aircraft carrier is considered a symbol of US naval strength around the world. With this help, the United States easily conduct military operations thousands of miles from its territory. In such a situation, if a missile destroying these aircraft carriers arrives in Russia, it may become of concern to America. The new President of the United States, Joe Biden, has already shown a strong attitude towards Russia. It is believed that tensions between the two countries could escalate further in the future.

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