TupTup, office menus move to Valentine’s Day appointments

This year we lovers are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way, as much of the catering has restrictions all over the country and we will have to have lunch or dinner at home. For this reason, TupTup, the healthiest food delivery service with order availability for all of Spain, has developed new romantic dishes to enliven love and be able to enjoy the best food on the market without leaving home. .

From February 3 to 14, the site offers the best of its cuisine so that on Valentine’s Day, couples can taste delicious and suggestive dishes, and spend the most intimate evening without having their hands in the dough. And, on top of that, if they enter the code TUPTUPLOVE, they will get a 20% discount on the total order they have placed, in which they can include other dishes for the most romantic week of the year.

TupTup chefs have included several dishes especially for this special day, such as two starters to share, a main course and the delicious Valentine’s Day cake, in the shape of a heart and which will delight gourmets. On the web, a section is activated so that these new and romantic culinary creations can be more easily selected:

The starters to open the mouths of lovers are the Chicken and Shrimp Gyozas, a delicious recipe imported from the Far East, and some always appetizing Tacos de Carne, the most popular dish in Mexican cuisine, and which the couple can share alone. The main course is a delicious duck sirloin in port with fricassee of mushrooms, of French origin and perfect to satisfy the appetite of the couple, and which will undoubtedly help to awaken the senses. And the final highlight comes with the dessert, with the Valentine’s Day cake chef TupTup created for this special occasion. It’s a red velvet-style cake to lick your fingers …

The menu also has the approval of the TuTup team of nutritionists. “The idea of ​​launching these new dishes is to stimulate lovers to spend a night of love with unforgettable recipes and flavors, but without neglecting their health. All of our cooking has a very careful and healthy preparation, and this shows in the end result of our dishes. And, on this occasion, some of them have foods that stimulate passion ”.

Dishes for lovers are now available on the web with around thirty dishes of the best dishes on the market, both nationally and internationally.

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