Turijobs and CETT support talent training and the future of the tourism and hospitality sector

Turijobs and CETT support talent training and the future of the tourism and hospitality sector

Turijobs signs an agreement with CETT, a leading university hub for tourism, hotel and gastronomy, with the aim of aligning education with the current needs of the sector and, through synergies and active communication between those who compose it, to promote its recovery.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – October 31, 2020

Turijobs, the first portal for employment in the tourism and hotel industry, signs a new collaboration agreement with the CETT to bring students closer to the reality of employment in the tourism and hotel sector and complete their training based on current industry needs.

This agreement is in addition to those put in place in recent months with other reference centers in the industry, all with the common objective of working together to promote the rapid recovery of the sector and help students prepare. to new industry.

Turijobs strengthens with this agreement its commitment to the professionalization of the sector, which increasingly requires more qualified profiles and able to face a changing environment. By sharing their knowledge of the market, reporting on the reality of tourism and providing information on the new skills that businesses and institutions demand, they hope to help talents be better prepared for the jobs of the future.

Through specialized training sessions, Turijobs and CETT will support the training of future professionals in the sector.

The organization and participation in training sessions with the CETT is one of the most remarkable initiatives. The aim is to provide students with knowledge and materials that complement their training and connect them to the current needs of the sector.

“At Turijobs, we are committed to the professionalization of the sector and the training of talents as a key to the changes and challenges of the sector, such as the one we are experiencing today with the COVID-19 crisis” shares Xavier Martn, CEO and co-founder of Turijobs. “Our collaboration with the CETT represents an excellent opportunity for its students to enter the labor market, not only through our internship and job offers, but also through sharing the reality of the sector, the professional profile which is required today and also to be prepared for what will be required in the future, ”adds Xavier Martn.

Support the integration of students into the labor market as a common objective

Providing job opportunities to students is another focus of action and, with the signing of this agreement, Turijobs becomes the main provider of job offers for CETT. The university center thus provides its students with a specialized tool to help them find an employee in their region.

“From CETT, we provide industry-driven training so that students acquire the skills and competencies that businesses will need. Collaboration with Turijobs is essential to provide tools to our students and support them in their training phase, and in their access

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