Turkey Kashmir Mercenaries Pakistan: Syrian assassination sends Pakistan, Turkey is ready to repeat Nagorno Karabakh in Kashmir – Turkey sends mercenaries from Syria to Kashmir to repeat Nagorno Karabakh for Pakistan

After the massacre in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, now Turkey and its “religious slave” Pakistan are plotting to repeat the same thing in Kashmir. Turkey has assembled the feared militants of the Syrian National Army and is training them on North Syrian territory. These jihadist terrorists have now become international mercenaries in Turkey. After playing bloody games in Libya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Yemen and southern Kurdistan, these Turkish assassins will now help Pakistan. According to the Kurdish media report, these contract killers are now preparing to travel to Kashmir so that the war against Indian soldiers can be waged.

Terrorist said Kashmir is like Nargon-Karabakh

According to the Kurdish media website ANF News, Nagorno-Karabakh was the target of Turkish expansion. At the same time, the President of Turkey, Rechap Tayyip Erdogan, who aspires for the establishment of an Islamic regime in Jammu and Kashmir, is a Khalifa. ANF ​​News said that Muhammad Abu Amasha, commander of the Syrian National Army’s “Suleiman Shah Brigade”, announced in Syria five days ago that Turkey wanted the militia to be sent to Kashmir. Activist Amasha said Turkish officials want him and other commanders to prepare a list of volunteers who want to visit Kashmir. Those who are ready to go to Kashmir will receive two thousand dollars at the start. The commander told his band that Kashmir is as much a mountainous region as Nargono-Karabakh in Armenia.

Pak is preparing to occupy Kashmir like Nagorno!

Sources said similar activists are being recruited to play a bloody game in Kashmir in other places in Syria such as Ajaz, Zarabulus, Bab and Idlib. These killers will be transported out of the country in secret. ANF ​​said Pakistan is also preparing for an attack in Kashmir like Nagorno-Karabakh. To aid in this infamous Pakistani conspiracy, his boss is now preparing to send a Syrian assassin to Turkey to hire him. Turkey is sending these assassins at a time when tensions between India and Pakistan are at their peak. On November 13, the Indian army took decisive action and destroyed terrorist bases in PoK. Previously, Turkey and Pakistan had sent mercenaries to attack Armenia while supporting Azerbaijan. This has been confirmed by French President Emmanuel Macro himself.

Friends growing between Pakistan and Turkey threaten India

In recent times, the friendship between Pakistan and Turkey has grown considerably. Pakistan and Turkey recently attacked France together over the controversial Mohammad cartoon. In 2019, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan decided to launch a joint TV channel for the “ global fight against Islamophobia ”. Economic cooperation between Turkey and Pakistan is also increasing steadily. Pakistan buys many modern weapons and redors from Turkey. Turkey wants Pakistan and Bangladesh to recognize part of northern Cyprus occupied by Turkey. Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan’s love for Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. Erdogan has also supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue on several occasions since the United Nations Forum.

Turkey supports Pakistan over Kashmir

Turkish President Erdogan is trying to become the greatest ruler or caliph in the Muslim world. President Erdogan is taking such steps to prove Saudi Arabia’s dominance over the Islamic world in order to prove that he is a protector of Muslims. According to journalist Andreas Mountjaurouli from the Greek news site Pentapostagma, Erdogan is even threatening India over the Kashmir issue. He wrote that Turkey had long been engaged in aggressive preparations against Greece, Cyprus and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea region. The Greek journalist claimed that Turkey and Pakistan want to plunder the lands of other countries by strengthening defense cooperation between them. Pakistani fighters had recently arrived in Turkey during the Mediterranean Shield maneuvers. President Erdogan wants to try to occupy the land of Greece with the help of Pakistan. That is why he is considering sending terrorist groups to help Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

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