Turkey Pakistan active in peace talks in Afghanistan

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Turkey engages in peace talks in Afghanistan, calling major conference Turkey calls on Afghanistan, Taliban, UN and Qatar to meet
Turkey has now announced talks between various parties, including the Taliban, regarding peace in Afghanistan. The peace talks will be held in Istanbul from April 24 to May 4. Turkey invited the Afghan government and the Taliban to participate, as well as representatives of the United Nations and Qatar. There are also reports inside that Turkey wants India and Pakistan to participate in this, but so far no official statement has been made by New Delhi.

Erdogan calls Imran on Afghanistan issue
On the other hand, on Thursday, Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan telephoned Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and raised the issue of Afghanistan. The Pakistani State Department said the two leaders had held talks on the Afghan peace process, strengthening of relations between Pakistan and Turkey and a number of bilateral issues. Meanwhile, Imran Khan also appreciated the role of Turkey and focused on solving the problem of Afghanistan. It is clear from the conversation between Imran and Erdogan that the two countries plan to increase their role in Afghanistan by helping each other.

What is Turkey’s relationship with peace in Afghanistan?
Turkey’s hyperactivity raises many questions about Afghanistan. Why is Turkey calling a separate meeting when talks are already underway on peace in a country some 3,000 kilometers away? The United States and Russia, the world’s two superpowers, are also trying to make peace in Afghanistan through separate channels.

How Pakistan and Turkey united against India, know the story of Imran-Erdogan friendship
Does Erdogan want to be the messiah of Muslim countries
Turkish President Erdogan has been known for his radical Islamic ideology from the start. If there is a dispute about Islam anywhere in the world, they do their best to join it. It’s just the question of China’s Uighur Muslims, in which not a single word comes out of Erdogan’s mouth. Recently, when the controversial Mohammed Saheb cartoon was published in France, if one of the world’s leading politicians made the most outrage, it was Erdogan. He even expelled the French ambassador from his country.

Turkish President Erdogan’s Sensational Claim, Greek Journalist To Send Terrorists From Syria To Kashmir
Turkey and Pakistan support each other with their eyes closed
Turkey and Pakistan blindly support each other not only in defense relations, but also at the diplomatic level. Recently, during a border dispute with Greece in the Mediterranean, Pakistan openly declared its support for Turkey without knowing the truth. Not only that, the navies of Pakistan and Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea have also declared their solidarity by leading maneuvers. In return, Turkey openly supports Pakistan in the case of Kashmir. Erdogan said in February 2020 that the issue was as important to Turkey as it was to Pakistan.

Turkey, Greek media say ready to send mercenaries to Kashmir
Erdogan opposes India against Kashmir over friendship with Pakistan
Erdogan has repeatedly criticized India at the United Nations over the Kashmir issue. In September last year, Erdogan led a raga in Kashmir by addressing the United Nations General Assembly. He had said that Kashmir was a hot and very important issue for peace and stability in South Asia. This problem became even more serious after the abolition of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir (Article 370). We want a solution to this problem within the framework of the United Nations resolution. He also praised Pakistan during his speech.

Turkey raises the Kashmir issue again at the UN, what does Erdogan want?
Is Erdogan changing Ataturk’s values?
Mustafa Kamal Ataturk aka Mustafa Kamal Pasha, who laid the foundations of the Turkish Republic, began to draw inspiration from Europe by eliminating religion. Islamic law (sharia) was replaced by European civil codes, secularism was included in the constitution, attempted to unite men and women in society and changed the face of a predominantly Muslim country. However, President Erdogan, who has been in power in the country for more than a decade and a half, has gradually started to change Ataturk’s ideal country to a Muslim democracy.

Does Turkish President Erdogan Want To Be The Leader Of Sunni Islam? Tensions are mounting with France
Erdogan, dreaming of capturing the Mediterranean sea
Erdogan wants Turkey to occupy the Mediterranean Sea filled with gas and oil. This is why, in the days of Turkey, oil exploration vessels sometimes sailed in Greece or sometimes in the Strait of Cyprus. Tensions in Greece and Turkey had increased so much that the conditions of war between the armies of the two countries were created. At the same time, many countries of the European Union, including France, also support Greece.

Turkey becomes the center of anti-Indian activities
Turkey has now become the second largest center of “anti-Indian activity” after Pakistan. Fundamentalist Islamic organizations are receiving funds from Turkey in all parts of the country, including Kerala and Kashmir, according to reports. A senior government official reportedly said Turkey was trying to dissolve radicalism among Muslims in India and recruit extremists. His attempt is an attempt to extend his influence over South Asian Muslims.

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