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Turkey strengthens defense ties with Russia amid U.S.-Russia tension to build new nuclear reactor in Turkey
Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan has now signed an agreement to build nuclear reactors after purchasing the S-400 missile system from Russia. On Wednesday, he laid the foundation stone for building a nuclear reactor during an online event with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This reactor will be built at Akkuyu Power Plant in Turkey with the help of Russian technology. It is believed that this new agreement could increase the current tension between the United States and Turkey, a NATO ally.

Discussions on strengthening mutual Russia-Turkey relations
During the foundation stone of this reactor, Erdogan and Putin also discussed increased cooperation between Turkey and Russia. Erdogan said that through this reactor Turkey will be on the list of countries rich in nuclear energy. He also called it a symbol of Turkish-Russian cooperation. Russia is building Turkey’s first nuclear power plant in Marcin province. The two countries signed the cooperation treaty in 2010 and construction work started in 2018.

Electricity generation in Turkey is based on gas and hydropower plants. It depends on its imports to meet its energy needs. Turkey buys natural gas from Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and other countries. Erdogan said the factory’s first kiln will start in 2023.

Why is America angry with Turkey?
The United States last year announced several new sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of the S-400 missile system from Russia. The United States is concerned that Turkey will recognize its F-16 fighter jets through Russia’s advanced system. This could threaten America’s strategic interests and the U.S. or U.S. military weapons deployed in the region. This agreement will provide money for the Russian defense industry, so that it can quickly develop new types of weapons.

Turkey and Russian S-400 missile defense system to be used fearlessly by US threat
America leaves Turkey from F-35 program
The United States had pulled out of its F-35 fighter program, raising strong objections that NATO member Turkey was buying the Russian anti-aircraft system. The United States had said the S-400 system was a threat to stealth fighters and could not be used with the NATO system. The United States has also warned to ban Turkey for this. Turkey had said it bought the S-400 missile defense system from Russia after the United States refused to sell the US Patriot system.

Turkey disturbed by US restrictions on S-400 purchase, said – Come sit and talk
America is afraid of this thing
The arms market in the United States is worth trillions of dollars. It is also said that the American arms lobby is so active that it can change the president even if he wants to. In such a situation, if it is proven that the Russian weapons are more advanced than the United States, then this lobby will suffer heavy losses. Most countries in the world have an F-16 fighter jet from the United States. In such a situation America would not want to face defeat at the hands of Russia.

Reconnaissance in Turkey of F-16 aircraft with S-400 radar
A few days ago there were reports that the Turkish military activated the Russian S-400 defense system. The Turkish force uses the radar of this Russian defense system to detect F-16 fighter jets. Using this radar, it attempts to track F-16 ships from France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus involved in NATO’s Unumia military exercise.

Erdogan, Poutine and Joe Biden

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