Turkey’s Covid-19 Vaccine: Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine Effects: Turkey Must Strongly Rely On China’s Corona Vaccine

We have seen that Turkey relied heavily on the Chinese vaccine against the corona virus. A record 59,000 cases of corona have been reported in Turkey in the past 24 hours. After which, there are now preparations for a strict lockdown in many parts of the country. President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan is currently trying to become the Messiah of Muslims around the world with the help of China and Pakistan. This is the reason why they approved the Chinese vaccine, despite an effect of less than 50%.

Turkey bought 50 million vaccines from China
Turkey pledged to buy 50 million doses of the corona vaccine from Chinese pharmaceutical company Synovac in early December last year. This company makes a vaccine under the name Coronavec. The effect of which varies in many countries. Turkey is considered to be very close to China. Turkey and China have strengthened their relations after the recent US embargo.

Chinese vaccine being installed in 53 countries
China’s corona virus vaccine is being installed in at least 53 countries around the world. Many of them are from developing countries in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Real Chinese Corona vaccines are inexpensive and easy to store. It is an ideal vaccine for poor countries, which do not have the ability to store the vaccine at temperatures above minus 20 degrees.

Chinese COVID-19 vaccine: Trusting China’s corona virus vaccine is dangerous, you see looking at the board
China itself has acknowledged the vaccine’s low impact
The main health official in China himself admitted that the effectiveness of his corona vaccine is very low. Gao Fu, director of the Ni Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said two days ago that the effectiveness rate of the current vaccine is very low. To increase this, discussions are underway with Chinese vaccine makers.

Chinese Corona vaccine affecting one country, 50 in Brazil and 91% effective in Turkey
Chinese vaccine lessons from Chile
Leading British scientists have warned that countries that depend on China’s covid vaccine are at increased risk of infection. Scientists have said that the world must learn from Chile, a South American country. Even after a successful corona vaccination program in this country, vaccines made in China are unable to stop the spread of the virus. The Chinese Coronavac vaccine is used in Chile. It is manufactured by the Chinese pharmaceutical giant Synovac. A study from the University of Chile showed that the first dose of the Chinese vaccine was only 3% effective.

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