Turkish President shoots Charlie Hebdo Caricature: Charley Abdo Cartoon: Turkish President fires to show burqa unloading, Iran threatens France – Turkish President Erdogan shoots Charlie Hebdo

Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdo’s contested half-comic strip from French weekly Charlie Hebdo caused a sensation in Turkey. Erdogan, half naked in this cartoon, takes off the burqa to see a woman’s body. Erdogan called the creators of this cartoon “evil”. On the other hand, Iran threatened France to insult the Prophet would lead to a bloodbath.

After this caricature of Charley Abdo was discovered, Erdogan alleged that Western countries wanted to restart the crusade (crusade) by attacking Islam. The Turkish president said: “I will not say anything about these evil men who insulted our prophet on such a large scale.” He said it was a “disgusting attack”. After the cartoon appeared, Turkey said it would take diplomatic and legal action against the cartoon. On the flip side, these days Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is swinging on Turkey’s lap, has called it an attack on Islam.

Charlie Hebdo shows Turkish President ‘Adhananga’, Macron becomes ‘monster’ in Iran

Erdogan seen in T-shirt and underpat
Wednesday’s edition of the magazine was posted online, with Erdogan appearing in a t-shirt and lower part, drinking beer from the can and picking up the skirt of a woman wearing a hijab. It read “Erdogan: He’s very funny in private”. Sharley Abdo published this cartoon at a time when there is a debate between Erdogan, Macron and other European leaders over the beheading of a French teacher.

Parisian teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded by an Islamic attacker for showing children in his class a caricature of the Prophet. After this incident, French President Emmanuel Macron strongly supported the right to express one’s freedom and to ridicule religion. However, he has since fallen victim to criticism from Muslim countries.

Criticizing the Prophet Would Lead to a ‘Bloodbath’
Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Ruhani has warned France that criticizing the prophet will result in “violence and bloodshed.” Ruhani said that Western countries must understand that … to criticize the Prophet is to criticize all Muslims, all prophets and all human values. Criticizing the Prophet will not achieve anything. It is immoral. It is the promotion of violence.

Controversy over the prophet’s caricatures: angry with Muslim countries against France, vigorous protests in Bangladesh

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi also said freedom of speech should be stopped if it annoys 1.5 billion people around the world. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has written to Muslim countries asking them to respond to the rapidly increasing Islamophobia in non-Muslim countries, especially in Western countries. Explain that the French weekly Charlie Hebdo, once the victim of terrorist attacks after making a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad five years ago, is again the subject of controversy. Now the magazine has created a caricature of the President of Turkey, which has created a ruckus.

“ See the result of Macron’s anti-Muslim agenda ”
Turkey accused Abdo of “cultural racism”. Recently, the magazine made a front page caricature of Turkish President Erdogan. Far Fahretin Altun, Erdogan’s senior press official, tweeted: “We condemn this publication’s extremely vile attempt to spread cultural racism and hatred. The result of French President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Muslim agenda is visible. Sharley Abdo has printed a series of so-called cartoons showing disgusting cartoons showing the looks of our president.

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