Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan asks for our support for Kabul airport in the face of Taliban threat

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The Taliban, who rained rockets on Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, killed Turkish President Erdogan, dreaming of becoming a “caliph,” asked the United States for help in airport security. Kabul.
Turkish President Erdogan was stunned by Taliban militants raining rockets on the Afghan capital Kabul. Erdogan, who dreams of becoming the “caliph” of the Muslim world, has now requested financial, logistical and diplomatic support from the United States to manage the security arrangements at Kabul airport. Turkey is trying to kill scores of victims with a single arrow by taking over security at Kabul airport.

This statement by the President of Turkey comes at a time when the Taliban recently threatened that we would intervene if the Turkish military did not leave our soil. In fact, Turkey recently proposed that its troops take over the security of Kabul airport when NATO forces withdrew completely from Afghanistan.
Taliban threaten Turkey, will accept foreign forces as usurpers, give appropriate response
America Should Help Manage Kabul Airport
Speaking at an event in northern Cyprus, Erdogan said: “First of all, America must take our side in diplomatic and diplomatic relations.” Second, they should provide us with full logistical support. They have to hand over each of their logistical capacities to us. Finally, there are going to be serious financial and administrative difficulties throughout this process. America will also have to help Turkey in this area. If these conditions are met, then we can take care of the security of the Kabul airport.

Earlier Monday, Erdogan ignored the threat from the Taliban, saying he should “end the occupation of the territory by his brothers”. Erdogan called on the Taliban to show the world the peace in Afghanistan. Erdogan did not react specifically to the Taliban threat to the Turkish military. The Taliban have warned Turkey that deploying troops to Kabul airport could have dire consequences.

“Muslims shouldn’t treat themselves like this”
Speaking to reporters, Erdogan said: “The Taliban should stop occupying their brothers’ land and show the world that there is peace in Afghanistan,” Erdogan told reporters from Geo TV in Pakistan. He said the Taliban’s way is not such that Muslims should treat each other. Turkey had offered the United States surveillance of Kabul airport after NATO left Kabul.

The Taliban had threatened
Previously, Taliban militants had strongly threatened Turkey. The Taliban have rejected Turkey’s intention to take over the security of Kabul airport. He said Turkish President Erdogan made the announcement at America’s request, which will hurt bilateral relations between us and Turkey. The Taliban have said that we regard any foreign army as a usurper.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said Turkey’s decision to deploy troops to Kabul airport was a “small step”. Shaheen said, “This decision is against our country, national sovereignty and territorial security.” The Taliban spokesman severely advised the Turkish administration to reverse its decision. He said the presence of foreign forces in any country for any purpose would be considered aggression.

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