Turkish religious leader jailed: Sentenced to 1,075 years for Turkish Muslim religious leader, spent his life with 1,000 “ girlfriends ” – adnan oktar Turkish religious leader jailed for 1,075 years who have 1,000 girlfriends

Adnan Oktar, leader of a sect of Turkish Muslims, was sentenced to 1,075 years in prison for 10 different offenses by an Istanbul court. Adnan is the head of a sect and the prosecution considers his organization criminal. In 2018, dozens of people from Oktar were arrested in raids across the country. Adnan Oktar preached to people about the fundamentalist view, while he called women “cats”.

Adnan used to dance with these women on the TV show who had plastic surgery. He was sentenced to 1075 years. According to the NTV report, Adnan has been charged with sexual offenses, sexual exploitation of minors, fraud and political and military espionage. A case has been initiated against approximately 236 people and 78 of them have been arrested.

69,000 contraceptive pills from the house of Adnan
During the hearing, many secrets and terrible sex crimes were revealed about Adnan. During the trial in December, Adnan told the judge he had around 1,000 girlfriends. He had said: “Love grows in my heart towards women. Love is a man’s specialty. It is the quality of a Muslim. In response to another question, he said, “I have the extraordinary ability to become a father.”

Adnan first appeared in the world in the 1990s. At that time, he was the leader of a cult that had been the victim of sex scandals on several occasions. Its A9 TV channel began broadcasting online in 2011, which was strongly condemned by Turkish religious leaders. A woman told at the hearing that Adnan sexually assaulted her and other women on several occasions. Many women were forcibly raped and forced to use contraceptives. 69,000 contraceptive pills were found at Adnan.

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