Tutankhamun’s Tomb Curse: The people of Egypt fear the movement of Tutankhamun’s cursed body in the Grand Museum – Egyptians warn, do not touch King Tutankhamun who has been sleeping for 3000 years, otherwise ….

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Warning that the “ cursed ” coffin of the mysterious king of Egypt Tutankhamun was first moved to another location, this coffin is to be exhibited at the Cairo Museum, whose construction is now complete; King Tutankhamun was Egypt’s most famous ferro and his tomb was discovered But the world was amazed at Cairo
The administration was warned by the local population to take for the first time the “cursed” coffin of the mysterious Egyptian Tutankhamun. This coffin will be exhibited at the Cairo Museum, whose construction work has been completed. King Tutankhamun was the most talked about pharaoh of ancient Egypt and the world was stunned when his tomb was discovered. The most surprising thing is that 6 archaeologists were killed a few months after the opening of this tomb of King Tutankhamun, called Baby King.

Among those killed was Lord Cornervon, who paid for the excavation. At that time, it was said that all these people were cursed by King Tutankhamun. King Tutta’s treasure continued to spread around the world, but his coffin was only kept there. Now this coffin of the baby king is also going to be taken to the Grand Museum of Egypt. 97% of the construction of this museum is complete. The Egyptian government says this museum will be open this year, even after the Corona outbreak.
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50 thousand works of art will be kept in one place
When the museum opens, 50,000 works of art will be kept in one location. It also includes the assets of the king’s wing. Local archaeologist Ahmed Rabi Mohammed from the city of Laksar said if Tutankhamun leaves Laksar everyone here will be disappointed because Baby King has always lived in his grave here since he was first born in 1922 .

Ahmed said, “When Mami was tested, this also happened in the Valley of the Kings. They brought their x-ray machines and Raja Tutha never left here. People are talking about taking Raja Tutha to the Grand Museum on social media. Another tourist guide, Mohammad, said that King Tut’s arrival from here would have a very bad effect on the arrival of tourists. He warned that the former king shouldn’t be teased.

That answer given when Baby King is cursed
On the other hand, the director of Egyptian archaeological affairs, Dr Altaiyb Abbas, disagreed and said that if Tutankhamun was alive today, he would have wanted to go to Cairo himself. Regarding Mami’s curse, Abbas said he knew about it and respected it. Scientists believe this sin involved a badly melted corpse whose infection can spread if any part touches a human’s open wound. That is why archaeologists wear masks to visit such a place.

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