Twitter employees lock their profile: fear of Donald Trump supporters, Twitter employees lock their profile – Donald Trump supporters fear Twitter employees lock their profile

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Some Twitter staff have locked their accounts for fear of facing protests from supporters of incumbent US President Donald Trump. Not only that, some executives have also benefited from personal protection by the company. According to a New York Times report, they have held their accounts private, with Trump supporters fearing they will be targeted.

Not only that, we have also erased the information available online. In fact, 350 Twitter employees have signed an internal petition urging company CEO Jack Dorsey to shut down Trump’s account as Trump supporters spread violence in the capital building. In such a situation, on January 8, Twitter permanently shut down Trump’s account due to the possibility of violence.

According to the report, Jack Dorsey was not previously convinced that a temporary Trump suspension was the right decision, but based on tweets posted last week, Dorsey ultimately said that suspending Trump’s account was the correct decision. After the Twitter ban, Trump attacked Twitter by tweeting from the country’s official Twitter handle.

He wrote: ‘I’ve been saying for a long time that Twitter bans free speech and today, along with Democrats and the hardcore left, they shut down my account to silence me. Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have already been banned for two weeks or indefinitely. Even his @TeamTrump campaign account has been closed.

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