Twitter Killer: Japanese Twitter Killer Sentenced to Death, 9 People Summoned and Murdered – Japanese Twitter Killer Takahiro Shiraishi Sentenced to Death for Serial Murders

Notorious criminal Takahiro Shiraishi has been sentenced to death as a Twitter killer in Japan. Thanks to the social media platform Twitter, this criminal used to trick people into calling them home. He was then murdered and reduced to corpses. After his arrest in 2017, police also found fragments of human organs in his apartment in Jama, near Tokyo.

9 murders confessed during interrogation
During the police investigation, Takahiro Shiraishi confessed to the murders of 9 people. He also said that after his death he used to divide the corpses into pieces. The dead included most of the women he befriended via Twitter. The revelations of this high-end case caused a sensation in Japan. His house has been named House of Harr in Japanese media.

Killed 8 women and a man in 3 months
Takahiro Shiraishi, 30, strangled 8 women and a man between August and October 2017 during police questioning. All of the deceased girls are believed to be between 15 and 26 years old. He was also accused of sexually assaulting women before killing them. At the same time, all the caches that were with him were also looted.

Judge sentenced to death in crowded court
On Tuesday, the judge sentenced him to death in a crowded courtroom. At the same time, defense lawyers had demanded life imprisonment for him. Lawyers had claimed the killer murdered them with the deceased’s consent, but the court rejected the argument. To hear this decision, 435 people gathered in front of the court where only 16 people had a seat.

The killer called himself a hangman on Twitter
Takahiro Shiraishi used to describe himself as the executioner on Twitter. He called women who wanted to die. He told them that he would help in this work. In her Twitter profile, she wrote that I wanted to help those who are really in pain. Please DM (direct message) me at any time. Since this case came to light, there has been a lot of debate on social media to discuss suicide.

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