Twitter permanently suspends outgoing US President Donald Trump’s account: Twitter has permanently shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account

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Twitter takes Donald Trump for attack on the US Parliament and violence; ActionTwitter located Donald Trump’s account in the future.
The Twitter account of outgoing US President Donald Trump was permanently suspended Thursday in the United States. Social networking site Twitter said Donald Trump’s Twitter account is on permanent suspension due to the possibility of further violence.

Previously, Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts had been banned for at least two weeks, if not indefinitely. This was confirmed by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg when writing the post. Zuckerberg wrote that it is very dangerous to allow Trump to publish.

Donald Trump’s Facebook-Instagram account banned indefinitely, Mark Zuckerberg announced

Twitter said: “We took a close look at recent tweets from Trump’s account. After which we took a look at how his tweets were being taken. We decided to shut down his account for good due to the threat of have taken.

Trump had previously locked Trump’s account by warning
Previously, in view of the violent situation in Washington DC, Twitter had locked its Twitter handle, warning Donald Trump. Twitter said: “All three Donald Trump tweets must be deleted due to the ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC, as these tweets violate our policy of civic integrity.” Twitter had said this means Donald Trump’s account will remain locked for 12 hours after those tweets are deleted. If the tweets are not deleted, their Twitter account will remain locked.

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Trump told rioters ‘I love you’
In a video posted to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Donald Trump said, “ I love you ” before calling on the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol (Parliament) to return home. Not only that, he also repeated his false allegations of fraud in the US presidential election.

Donald Trump (file photo)

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