Two citizens criticize Ayuso for his health management during a visit on October 12: “I am neglected”

Publication: Tuesday April 6, 2021 6:39 PM

While the pre-campaign for the next 4M’s elections is already underway, the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, went to Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid on Tuesday, where she played in a tense encounter with two citizens who recriminated her. in the middle of the street, health management in the area.

One of the women criticized the candidate PP for how, suffering from cancer and heart problems, she had been “neglected”. “I am unattended. I had COVID, 15 days in my house with COVID for the doctor to call me. 15 days unattended and my husband on October 12 with pneumonia. Alone,” he said dryly.

“This is what there is and I say it knowingly, with a heart and cancer, and now an hour there waiting for them to tell me an hour,” lamented the woman, s ‘addressing Ayuso and her health advisor and number two on her electoral list, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, who accompanied her on her visit.

For her part, a second citizen deplored the situation of her mother, admitted to the hospital. “They treat her very badly. There is no right,” he said. “I have my mother alone at 92,” he added.

The moment was captured by cameras, as you can see in the video illustrating this news, and apparently Ayuso and Escudero chose not to respond to the outraged citizens. “Everything is said but they ignore us,” said one of them, facing the arguments of another person who tried to calm her down.

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