Two enemy countries shaken by earthquake, see devastation in Turkey-Greece – powerful magnitude 7 earthquake shakes Turkey and Greece with many dead Latest updates View latest photos

Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Turkey and Greece wreaked havoc in both enemy countries. So far, four people have reportedly been killed in Turkey as a result of the earthquake, while no deaths have been reported in Greece. Many agencies in both countries are active in relief and rescue operations. The magnitude of this earthquake was measured 7 on the Richter scale. In Turkey and Greece, the dispute over the occupation of oil and gas areas in the Mediterranean Sea is at its peak. Forces from both countries have been patrolling the quake-hit area for months.

Due to this earthquake wreaked havoc

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of this earthquake was 16.5 kilometers downstream of the Aegean Sea, between Turkey and Greece. Being the epicenter of this earthquake deep below the ground, its strong tremors were felt. This is why most of the buildings reached Nukasan. Many buildings appeared to be scattered like maps. The European Seismic Center-Madhyasagar said the quake was initially magnitude 6.9 and its epicenter was on the island of Samos in northeast Greece.

Turkey suffered heavy losses, many people died

Turkish media show the debris of a multi-story building in central Izmir. Apart from this, lifeguards are also seen stationed. Photographs of smoke rising in several locations in central Izmir were also revealed. The governor of Izmir said that so far four deaths have been reported, while a large number of people have been reportedly injured. The earthquake was felt both in the Aegean and Marmara regions, where Istanbul is located. The governor of Istanbul said no news had been received regarding the loss.

The Greeks survived despite being the epicenter of the earthquake

Earthquakes were also felt in Greece (Eastern Greek peninsula). Apart from that, residents of the capital, Athens, also felt the tremors of the earthquake. Greek media said that residents of Samos and other peninsulas fled their homes during the earthquake. Apart from that, there have also been reports of rock fall. There was no immediate information about the victims.

The tsunami is claimed on social networks

By posting several videos on social media, users are claiming the tsunami waves after the earthquake in the western city of Turkey. However, the veracity of these videos has not been confirmed. In the video, after the earthquake, strong waves of water penetrate urban areas. Many vehicles and debris are seen sinking alongside these waves on the city streets.

Buildings seen falling like cards

Huge earthquake rocked Turkey, multi-story buildings falling like this

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