Two FBI agents died in shootout: Two FBI agents died in shootout in South Florida: Two FBI agents died in shooting

Sunrise (America)
Two FBI agents were shot dead and three others were injured in a shootout during action on a federal search warrant issued in a child abuse case in South Florida, United States. An alleged accused was also killed in the shooting. The officials gave this information.

FBI Miami Special Agent Michael D. Leverock said the suspect was also killed in the shooting, which remained hidden inside the house for some time. Leverock said two of the injured officers were taken to hospital for treatment and their condition was stable. He said the names of the deceased agents would not be released immediately. The name of the suspect was also not disclosed.

Leverock said officers arrived there on a federal search warrant in a case of violent crimes against children. The incident happened around 6 p.m. Tuesday morning after which a large number of police forces were deployed nearby. Several law enforcement personnel gathered near the filming site in Sunrise, Florida.

Another large contingent of law enforcement officers has gathered outside a Fort Lauderdale hospital, where the shooting victims are being admitted. The Sunrise Police Department tweeted about the deployment of heavy police forces and said many roads in the area were closed.

According to some media reports, Sunrise Police said some FBI agents were injured during the action on the arrest warrant. A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that several FBI agents were targeted while following the warrant. Authorities were unable to provide further details on the ongoing investigation into the case.

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