Two historians collect 3,000 signatures to appeal for compensation to the Franks for the Pazo de Meirás

Posted: Saturday March 6, 2021 9:02 PM

Historians Carlos Babío and Manuel Pérez Lorenzo on Saturday handed over to the Government Delegation in Galicia more than 3,000 signatures demanding that the State present an appeal against the “unacceptable” conviction which obliges the Franco to be compensated for the Pazo de Meirás. The authors of the book “Meirás: un pazo, un caudillo, un plillage”, spokesperson for the Galician Initiative for Remembrance, presented this afternoon the statement “Go back to pay for what was stolen. An unacceptable sentence. for the democratic state “, with representatives of the world of culture and associations.

The text asks the state to appeal the decision of the provincial court of La Coruña on the Pazo de Meirás because this resolution declares that the heirs of the dictator were possessors in good faith and recognizes their right to be compensated for the maintenance. . ownership since 1975. In statements to the media, Carlos Babío called on the central government and the Xunta – the only administrations involved in the case that refuse to appeal the decision – to rectify because the sentence “whitewashes the Franco regime ”.

In this sense, she denounced the “incomprehensible silence” of the State after declaring that the first sentence, that of the Court of First Instance number 1 of La Coruña, which declared the Franco owners in bad faith, “was solid” . In addition, he felt that “there are no arguments” not to appeal after the state bar alleged legal reasons. For his part, Manuel Pérez Lorenzo maintained that they would have liked not to have to write the manifesto and assured that the State accepts “as well” a sentence that they cannot “assume”.

“To think that from 1975 the Franco family owns the property in good faith seems absurd and absurd to us”, underlined the historian, who detailed that Carmen Polo was the owner of the property that year and that she was presents “to the event. donation”. For this reason, he called on the administrations to “fight to the end” because “if they do, they will obtain the applause of a democratic society which will not reprimand the end result”.

If they do not, he added, the Galician society, which initiated this process, “will condemn this action”. The writer Beatriz Maceda also underlined that the decision “weaves a discourse which contributes to whitewash the Franco regime” of “absolute subjectivity” and “to insult the memory of the victims”. After having held meetings with the parliamentary groups, said Carlos Babío, they decided to hand over the signatures in this way because the government delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada, did not respond to their request to meet.

The president of the Association of Writers of Lingua Galega (AELG), Cesáreo Sánchez; the writer Lois Diéguez or the president of Defensa do Común, Manuel Monge, among others. The municipal councils of Sada and La Coruña, as well as the provincial council, have already announced that they will appeal the sentence on their own.

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