Two key solutions to guarantee workspaces accessible to people with disabilities

Two key solutions to guarantee workspaces accessible to people with disabilities

The professional integration of people with a certain type of disability is a problem that still exists in Spain despite the fact that since December 2017, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013 has made compulsory the access of all products, services and environments to People with Disabilities. With a population in Spain of around 3.5 million people suffering from one type of disability, companies need to invest in adapting their workspaces to make the daily lives of their employees and customers easier.

In this sense, one of the most common accessibility issues that exists in businesses is that of stairs, a stumbling block that for many people makes getting into a business a real adventure. . To solve these types of problems, there are solutions such as stairlifts, which can quickly and easily help overcome these types of obstacles.

What do we mean by accessibility?

An accessible space is one that allows anyone to easily access it on an equal basis with others and to be able to move around in the same way as others. The presence of architectural elements not designed for people with reduced mobility and the lack of access adapted to them is always a constant in companies and businesses, especially where there are areas with stairs and without elevators.

In Spain, to give a figure, only 2% of buildings built after 2011 are universally accessible when they should already have been built in accordance with the provisions of the law on accessibility and non-discrimination of people with disabilities, according to a study of the Mutual Foundation of Homeowners in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair in Housing of the University of Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona.

Architectural barriers and stairlift systems in businesses

A significant portion of businesses still face the challenge of solving the problem they face when accessing their facilities when they have stairs and there is no alternative. Something particularly serious for people who use a wheelchair, for example.

Depending on the situation, there are different solutions to overcome these obstacles. One of the most common, due to its ease of installation and price, is the placement of stairlifts, stairlifts or short-distance stairlifts. The former are particularly suitable for people with mobility problems or injuries.

In this sense, a resource such as the stairlift allows the affected people to go up and down the stairs in a seated manner, while the stairlift platforms allow the user to use this resource and overcome the problem. lack of accessibility without having to get out of the wheelchair.

Straight and curved stairlift

Stairlift solutions can be adapted to different types of stairs because there are different solutions depending on whether they are straight or curved stairs. The main difference between the systems is the track, as a straight flight of stairs will need a straight track, while a curved, corner or sectional flight of stairs will need a curved track.

Because every staircase is different, these solutions can and should be tailor-made to fit perfectly and solve the problem of lack of accessibility. In addition, stairlifts can be different in terms of the rotation they offer, armrests, safety key, remote controls, seat belt, … Some characteristics which depend on the model and the type of product. company in charge of the installation.

Stairlift price and budget

According to the company Vlida sin Barreras, leader in the sale and installation of stairlifts, with more than 20,000 installations carried out in homes and businesses, the price of a stairlift can vary between 2,000 and 9,000 euros depending on different factors. Among these, the type of staircase (straight or curved) must be taken into account, the route to be taken, whether the installation is indoors or outdoors, as well as the model of the chair.

To have a real budget, it is better to ask this specialized company that offers the widest range of stairlifts in Spain. Technicians who are experts in accessibility will have to visit the company and do a study of its staircase to assess which option is best suited to the space and the client’s needs.

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