Two ships quarantined in the port of Valencia after recording symptoms of COVID in the crew

The Port Authority of Valencia (APV) has authorized berthing at two of its docks for two container ships from Algeciras and Barcelona with 6 and 4 crew members respectively, showing symptoms of the disease caused by the virus COVID-19.

These are the ships Maersk UTAH, of the Maersk company and with 6 possible cases of covid, and the Skiathos I, of the maritime company Marfret and four suspected cases of covid, reported Monday sources of the VPA.

The port’s offer to dock the two ships in safe inland waters, away from any commercial activity, has been accepted by Foreign Health and the shipping companies themselves so that they can more easily deal with those infected. .

According to sources, this ensures better compliance with the quarantine required in these cases and compliance with health protocols and guarantees when symptoms of COVID-19 occur among the crews of ships engaged in the maritime transport of goods.

The two ships arrived at the port of Valencia on May 1, and in both cases their managers reported that their crews had sailors showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Foreign Health, the Valencia Port Authority and the captains of the ships are acting in accordance with the instructions to isolate the close contacts that the crew members have maintained in their respective ships. So far, no sailor has needed to disembark to be treated in Valencian hospitals.

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