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The essentials Two women were attacked by a drunk driver in Toulouse on Friday evening and armed with a machete. This man, found guilty of killing a man in the past, was arrested.

You met an armed killer on the streets of Toulouse late last week. Two women who were attacked in the Bagatelle sector on Friday evening came with serious injuries, but were mostly shocked.

For the police, it all started around 10 p.m. with a banal traffic control. A patrol watches a driver drive past a red light. Very soaked, the man has an alcohol level of 2.44 grams per liter of blood. He drives without insurance or a driver’s license and, above all, the presence of a machete in the passenger seat fascinates the officers who control him.

They quickly understand what happened when they were told that a man had recently threatened women with a machete. An argument broke out between the 46-year-old man and the driver of a scooter. The drunk almost knocked her over. Words followed, but not only. He insulted her and hit her. He also attacked a second young woman who was there. She was beaten and slapped in the face.

Calmed down by passers-by

Men who were nearby intervened to calm the angry man. Not long. He left before returning with his machete and showing it off. He finally calmed down before crossing the path of the police. The coroner ordered the two victims, between the ages of twenty and thirty, to go completely out of work for three days each.

The angry man was taken into custody. A situation he found himself in the early 2000s, then he was accused of killing a man on the background of excessive alcohol consumption.

One evening in August 2001, he was hanging out with some friends downstairs in the Bagatelle buildings. It was very hot and he had drunk about fifteen beers. The atmosphere was electric. The tone had risen between the small group and a 58-year-old man who was walking his poodle and couldn’t stand the noise of the “boy”. The victim, equipped with a hatchet, had faced his future killer and provided him with a kitchen knife. He hit him in the head. A single blow that proved fatal.

He was found guilty by the jury and sentenced to ten years in prison for “willful violence with a weapon that resulted in unintentional death”.

This Monday he was due to be tried in an immediate appearance over this new violent episode. He asked for time to prepare his defense. He was arrested while waiting for his future trial.

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