Typhoon Molave ​​Vietnam: 35 dead, dozens missing in Vietnam due to violent storm and landslide

Ha Noi
Severe Hurricane Molawe stormed Thursday from here, wreaking havoc in Vietnam. Officials said it was the worst storm on record in twenty years and because of the landslides, boats were submerged and the homes of millions of people were electrocuted. According to government media, at least 35 people died from the storm and more than 50 people are missing.

Rescuers are mainly focused on three villages in the central region of the country where at least 19 people have died as a result of landslides. It is feared that more than 40 people will be trapped in the mud and debris. Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung visited the site where the landslide occurred and the soldiers are bulldozing the debris.

He ordered officers to send more troops for relief and rescue operations with immediate effect. Among the dead are 12 fishermen whose boats were sunk by the storm on Wednesday. 14 other fishermen are missing. Officials say the death toll could be higher as news of loss of life and property has gone unreported in many places.

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