Tyrannosaurus rex on Earth: Tyrannosaurus: 250 million giant carnivorous dinosaurs like Godzilla were born on Earth, research reveals tyrannosaurus rexes dinosaur roamed the Earth Study shows Godzilla like t rex numbered 2.5 billion

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Earth was buried with giant dinosaurs around 24 million years ago. New research has estimated that 250 million dinosaurs were born on Earth. These giant carnivorous dinosaurs weighed an average of 5.2 tons.
The Earth was littered with giant dinosaurs around 24 million years ago. The latest research has estimated the total number of these dangerous meat-eating bus-sized dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus) to be 250 million. The average weight of these giant dinosaurs was around 5.2 tons. Its lifespan was approximately 28 years. These dinosaurs roamed America’s northwest in their last days.

These dinosaurs disappeared from the earth 6.6 million years ago. The researchers found in their estimates that the total population of these dinosaurs on Earth was 250 million. About 20 thousand adults lived there all the time. In 1905, after the discovery of the first fossil, 40 dinosaur fossils have been discovered to date. With these fossils, scientists have received a lot of information about this species of dinosaur.

One dinosaur every 100 square kilometers
Charles Marshall, who led the study published in the journal Science, said the teeth of these dinosaurs were very dangerous. These dinosaurs looked like real Godzilla. His skull was about five feet long. Their legs were very strong and had small hands with only two fingers. The largest Tyrannosaurus found to date is in the Chicago Museum, which weighs around 9 tons. He was about 33 years old.

Research indicates that a dinosaur was present every 100 square kilometers. Tyrannosaurus fossils have also been found in Alberta and other provinces of Canada. In the United States, their remains have been found in Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Fossil expert Ashley Poust said the number of 250 crore or two and a half billion is much more but only a third of the current human population on earth. These dinosaurs had to travel very long distances to have a relationship with a female.

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