U.S. Coronavirus Vaccine Fraud: Women Dress As Older Women For Corona Virus Vaccine: Two Women Switched To Corona Virus Vaccine

Priority is given to the elderly for the vaccine against the Corona virus. So, two women from America took the film route. With the help of a hat, gloves and glasses, these 34- and 44-year-old women became grandmothers and got vaccines. He had changed so precisely that he had not only managed to get the vaccine card, but also the first dose. However, he was arrested before receiving the second dose and both are now in custody.

‘I don’t know how not recognized’
After the exploits of these two Florida women, Dr Rawl Pino, Orange County health official, expressed surprise at not knowing how they had not been previously identified. Before reaching their real age, people figured out that the two would be between 20 and 30 years old. Later, when he realizes his age, he is left with warnings and no further action has been taken.

Bad weather spoiled the situation
There are many concerns and apprehensions about the vaccine in Florida, due to which demand is increasing. In fact, due to extremely adverse weather conditions, vaccine shipments are delayed and people wait longer. So far, 42% of 44 lakh over 65 have been vaccinated here.

Apart from these, supplements can also be given to health workers and people with any other serious illnesses. The vaccine can also be given to ordinary people.

Corona vaccine: how many people have been vaccinated in the country so far?

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