U.S. Primary Election News: Joe Biden in Preparation for White Presidential Election: Ruckus on False Vote Claims

Pending the results of the presidential election in the United States, the team of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has started preparations for the White House. The count is still going on in various US states, but Ted Kaufman, a longtime close friend of Biden’s, was involved in the formation of the government following Biden’s victory. At the same time, Trump and his supporters have not yet given up and are calling for all “ valid ” votes to be counted. In fact, the Republican camp is alleging that the Democrats are forging bogus votes.

Kaufman, a former senator from Delaware, became a senator from Biden after Biden became vice president. He was also part of the team that formed the Obama administration in 2008. Biden first asked Kaufman to start working on the shift in power to such a state of affairs in April, shortly after becoming a candidate. of the Democratic Party.

The process of transferring power to the United States officially begins when the General Services Administration announces the name of the winner based on all available facts.

Allegations of false votes in Pennsylvania
Two heavily armed men were arrested outside a counting center in Philadelphia, United States. Police say he was trying to grab fake ballots from the truck and take them to the polling station. According to US media, Antonio Lamota (61) and Joshua Messias (42), residents of Chesapeake, Virginia, were arrested Thursday evening outside the counting center on suspicion of possessing weapons without authorization.

Philadelphia Police said they received reports that gunmen in a truck were heading towards the Pennsylvania counting center. He was then caught. Officials said at a press conference here on Friday that both men had guns and that police also received a rifle from their truck. He said about 160 cartridges were found in him.

According to CNN news, no immediate information about the alleged fake ballots was found. According to CBS news, the motivations of these people are not yet clear. The FBI and the Philadelphia Police are investigating the case. Prosecutors said the written messages from those people showed they were concerned with the vote count being counted at the convention center and that they were bringing a “ truck full of fake ballots. ”

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