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“We have to get to the bottom of the Corona,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blink said in an interview.

And Washington Washington. The US is no longer showing any sympathy for China over the emergence of the Corona virus. Blaming China, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blink said it should go to the bottom if such an epidemic is to be avoided in the future.

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China has not yet given the world community a chance to investigate. On this, Blink said in an interview that the biggest reason for going to the bottom of the corona is that there is only one way we can avoid the next epidemic or take steps to end it.

China surrounded by constant criticism

Significantly, China has been under constant criticism over its investigation into the Corona virus. Last month, U.S. The news broke in the media, according to which some researchers at Wuhan Lab in China fell ill a month before the first case of Corona epidemic was reported. He had corona virus-like symptoms and was hospitalized.

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China is not maintaining transparency

According to Blinken, China is not taking equal transparency about the corona virus and has not provided any such information. According to Blinken, Beijing should admit international investigators and provide them with all the necessary information. On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump also said that the US and other countries need to seek compensation from China for the damage caused by the Corona epidemic. “Everyone should try to put pressure on China,” he said.

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