U-tad meets growing demand for digital profiles

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses, allowing new employment opportunities to emerge and consolidate sectors and jobs that otherwise would have taken longer to take hold. This epidemic has shown in an abrupt but realistic way which professionals are vital, both for the continuity of business and the economy, and for the areas that experience the most growth.

In this context, U-tad, the University Center of Technology and Digital Art, presents its current catalog of diplomas adapted to the International Student and Educational Offer (AULA), which has been held online since April 1 to current requirements. of the business market. Among them, the first double degree in “Software Engineering and Computational Physics” stands out as a novelty, taught in Spain, aimed at forming highly qualified profiles in all kinds of economic activities related to digitization. The pre-university orientation week will take place from April 12 to 17.

According to an Adecco report, “technology-related jobs (developers, consultants and engineers of all kinds) top the list of the most in-demand jobs, and to access these positions you need a higher education.” There is a strong demand for experts in cybersecurity, big data, data analysis, artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics, simulation, virtual reality, etc.

For its part, the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022, machines and algorithms will contribute to 42% of working hours worldwide, with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees generating the most demand and business trip. However, in Spain we have a low proportion of graduates: 22% compared to the European average of 34% or 37% in Germany, a problem that is aggravated by the gender gap that exists in these degrees, where they are still registered. women.

In addition, the epidemic has also increased the consumption of digital content in homes, so industries such as video games and animation have not slowed down in all these months, accelerating a trend that will boost the market. recruitment of experts in the development of this content.

Likewise, many sectors and companies have had to reconvert their business strategy, giving greater importance to their online positioning (e-commerce), which has increased the demand for web designers and developers, programmers, experts. in ergonomics, application development, etc., as well as that of cybersecurity experts, since the pandemic and teleworking have led to the increase in cyber attacks via home networks and personal devices used by workers.

For Marta Izquierdo, director of the professional development service of the U-tad University Center, “professionals with digital knowledge and skills have an important competitive advantage in a labor market where workers must know how to adapt quickly to the new scenario. ‘company that the strong acceleration, in terms of technology adoption, is needed’.

Official diplomas with international projection and high employability

Field of Software Engineering – U-tad is a pioneer in delivering digital industry related degrees to train the professionals that businesses demand. This year, Aula is presented as the only university in Spain to teach, from next September, the first double degree in “software engineering and computational physics”. The revolution that will bring quantum computing, the simulation of industrial systems, the design of new drugs or research, are some of the sectors that require computational physicists. Their knowledge is also essential in other areas less known to the public, such as computer imaging, computer vision, and defense or financial applications.

On the other hand, to face the importance that in all types of organizations and sectors is currently conferred on big data, the double degree in “ software engineering and computational mathematics ” specializes the student in the field in data engineering, one of the fields with the greatest employment projections today. Areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, or blockchain need these types of professionals.

In its training offer, there is also the only official diploma in “ software engineering ” which offers the student the possibility of choosing between three specialization mentions: Big Data, Cybersecurity and graphic programming, immersive systems and video games. . Currently, according to the employment map of the Fundación Telefónica, the professional profile most in demand in the digital world is that of software developer, and the Spanish Association of Academic Excellence (SEDEA) has recognized students in the field of engineering from U-tad. among the ten best trained in all of Spain.

Video games – The rise of technological profiles is accompanied by the need for professionals in the video game sector. According to the latest LinkedIn “Booming Jobs” study, video game design and development positions are two of the most frequently filled vacancies. Beyond recreational or leisure uses, “serious games” are increasingly used in the fields of medicine, training and even culture. To form the main profiles necessary for the creation of a video game or any interactive product, U-tad confers an official diploma in “ interactive product design ”, available in Spanish and English, which offers the student the knowledge and tools necessary to coordinate, design and lead the development of an interactive product, whatever its nature.

Recently, the World Association for Media Education (GAMEducation) ranked U-tad as the 6th best university in the world to train as a video game developer, due to the level of learning it offers to its students, the projects they carry out and the employability and awards received by graduates.

Digital Design – On the other hand, in this increasingly visual and interactive world, digital design plays a very important role and has become a decisive factor in the launch and marketing of any digital product and service. To meet the demand of this type of professional, the Official Diploma in “ Digital Design ” from U-tad transforms the student into a 360 digital designer with a solid training, both artistic and technological, in the fields of main disciplines: graphic design, motion graphics, website / application design (UX / UI), illustration, art direction, advertising designer, editorial designer, digital artist, among others.

Animation – Another novelty of U-tad is the possibility for the student to study the official diploma in “animation” in Spanish or English, thus promoting international exchanges and mobility. The new program offers students the choice between three specialization paths: “2D animation”, “3D visual effects” and “Art for video games”. These three mentions are something exclusive and differential of U-tad to meet the specific needs of the industry to hire increasingly specialized professionals. The American magazine Animation Magazine claims that U-tad is one of the best centers in the world for studying animation (the only Spanish university center and one of four Europeans in the world top 25).

Likewise, U-tad also teaches a higher level training cycle in “3D animation, games and interactive environments” and another in “multiplatform application development”, the latter also in a dual version.

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