UAE Artificial Rain Video: Watch UAE Artificial Rain Video Using Drones

In the United Arab Emirates, one of the hottest places on the planet, the mercury has crossed 50 degrees Celsius. Now a special technique is used to get rid of the scorching heat. The artificial rain is done here using drone technology in collaboration with the University of Reading, UK. The country’s National Meteorological Center also shared images of its success.

How is it raining?
Through this technique, an electric shock is given to the clouds, causing it to rain. It is expected that by using this technique as a trigger, the amount of rain can be increased. With the help of drone technology, when an electric shock is given to the clouds, they start to cluster together causing it to rain.

The meteorological center says the amount of rain can also be increased by seeding clouds. The United Arab Emirates is one of the 10 hottest countries in the world. It only receives an average of three inches of rain per year. Projects worth $ 15 million are underway to increase precipitation and cloud seeding is also one of them.

clouds are enough
Earlier, Professor Martin Ambom of the British University of Reading told the BBC that the amount of cloud was sufficient for the rain in the United Arab Emirates. The drone helps the water droplets to stick together releasing the charge. When these droplets get bigger and heavier, it rains.

Program director Alaya al-Majroi told Arab News that the drones, which release an electric charge, are carried through the air and create movement in the clouds, causing it to rain. For that we see in advance what is the state of the clouds. Drones are launched as soon as clouds form. It’s not that it rains every time you charge, but mostly it does.

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