UAE becomes most vaccinated country in the world with seventy percent vaccination rate: UAE vaccination Corona vaccine was given to 8 out of 10

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United Arab Emirates vaccinated as many people as possible, 8 out of 10 received corona vaccine, people’s fear of vaccine decreases Abu Dhabi
Vaccines are the greatest weapon in the fight against the corona virus. Many countries have provided protection against the virus to a large extent through large-scale vaccination. These include the name of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whose vaccination rate has reached 70 percent. However, after the exposure of the Delta variant and its spread to many countries, citizens were urged to respect social distancing.

8 out of 10 have been vaccinated
According to the Khaleej Times report, while 8 out of 10 people in the world have not yet received the vaccine dose, the situation in the United Arab Emirates is quite the opposite. About 8 in 10 people in the country have been partially or fully immunized. Most deaths worldwide have been caused by unvaccinated people, according to a Reuters study. The good news is that people’s doubts about vaccines in 2021 are now diminishing.

I was relieved after receiving the vaccine
According to the report, Anam Khan, an expatriate from India who took the first dose of Pfizer vaccine in the second week of July, said: “Initially, I was skeptical about the vaccination because I had heard of the side effects of corona vaccines. I am happy to live in the United Arab Emirates where the government makes sure it gives only the “best” to its people. She said that after receiving the vaccine, she has peace of mind when she leaves the house to work.

The vaccine is the only defense
The report, citing the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said the delta variant can be spread like chickenpox and cause serious illness. At the same time, experts believe that corona vaccines are very effective measures to prevent serious illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths.

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