uae demands USD 1 billion from pakistan: Pakistani government in panic after uae demands USD 1 billion repayment

Strong points:

UAE has asked Pakistan to immediately return its billion dollars, March 12 is the deadline for UAE’s request to contact UAE senior Pakistani government official, but does not get response, this amount is deposited to State Bank of Pakistan, UAE asks for money after maturity in Islamabad
The United Arab Emirates demanded that Pakistan immediately return its billion dollars (approximately 15,720 crore Pakistani rupees). Following this request from the UAE, the Pakistani government has lost its hands and feet. This amount is deposited with the State Bank of Pakistan. The last date to return it is March 12. The UAE has requested repayment of this money because it has matured.

Senior Pakistani government officials are trying to contact the UAE, especially the crown prince. But from there, they are mistreated, no one responds. Pakistan has pleaded with the UAE that the return of such a huge amount could disrupt its economic situation.

Pakistan’s economic misery is not hidden from anyone. Already heavily indebted, Pakistan is demanding more IMF loans to various institutions and countries.

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