UAE Sanoop Sunil from India Wins Big Jackpot Amount in Grand Prize Draw in Abu Dhabi: Indian Sanoop Sunil Becomes Millionaire Overnight in UAE and Wins 30 Crore Jackpot

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Indian wins exceptional award in United Arab Emirates
The fortunes of an Indian national in the United Arab Emirates changed overnight. The Big Ticket # 230 raffle series took place in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. In this, Sanoop Sunil from India won 15 million dirhams and his fortune shone overnight. According to Indian currency, this amount is more than 30 crore.

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Sunil had purchased the winning ticket number 183947 on July 13. Richard from Big Ticket called Sunil several times but Sunil did not receive the call. After several attempts, his phone rang but after logging in for just a few seconds, he logged out. Richard told Sunil over the phone that he had won the jackpot, but there was no response from the other side.
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The winner at number two won 20 crore
Organizers said they were trying to call Sunil constantly. Abu Dhabi resident Johnson Kunjkunju won the second prize of 1 million dirhams at Sunil No. He won with ticket number 122225 purchased on July 16. Likewise in 2019, the life of a 28-year-old Indian employee changed overnight.

In the Big Ticket jackpot, technical worker Srinu Sreedharan Nair won the jackpot of 15 million dirhams. He worked in a private company and earned a monthly salary of only 1,500 Dh.

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