UAE Travel India Update: Indian Passengers Land in Dubai on Emirates Flights Clarify Rules – Good News for Indians Living in UAE Stranded Passengers Arriving in Dubai from India

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There is good news for Indians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the first group of Indians stranded in India reached Dubai after easing restrictions.
There is good news for Indians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The first contingent of Indians stranded in India reached Dubai after the UAE eased restrictions. The UAE has allowed health workers, teachers and humanitarian workers to travel to the UAE from India from August 5 to those who received the two doses of the corona vaccine in their country, those who have received the vaccine and those who do not. Apart from India, residents of Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka have also been allowed to do so.

Ashraf, a passenger who arrived in Dubai, told the Khaleej Times that there were 100 passengers on the plane. He clarified that he had also given a clarification concerning the Kovid vaccine. He said: “Those who received the two corona vaccines in the UAE were allowed to board the plane.” Ashraf also clarified that those applying for a visa for Dubai must obtain approval from the website of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs.

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Apart from that, it should be retrieved from the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Another passenger, Rajesh Purakkot, said he traveled to India with his family on July 2. I booked a ticket to India through an agent on Aug 4th for Rs.19200. He said, “I did my PCR test the same day. The result arrived in the evening. My brother in Dubai uploaded all the necessary documents to the website after which we were allowed to come.

Rajesh said this whole process only took 30 minutes. Rajesh, a graphic designer by trade, said there were only 25 people on his plane. Note that after this decision by the United Arab Emirates, residents of the United Arab Emirates from six countries will be able to return to their country, provided they have received the second dose of the vaccine, 14 days have passed. Travelers must have a vaccination certificate issued by the authorities of their respective countries. In accordance with recent guidelines, other categories of vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers will also be allowed to enter the UAE from August 5. These categories include health workers such as doctors, nurses and technicians working in the UAE, students, government employees with valid residence permits.

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India is pushing GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, including the United Arab Emirates, to allow Indian professionals and other workers to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions and return to work as soon as possible. Some reports speculate that the UAE may extend the restrictions until August. There are 3.42 million Indians living in the United Arab Emirates alone, one of the largest numbers of expats in West Asia.

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