UFO aliens on earth: UFOs: US Navy claims, had seen thousands of flying saucers flying through the air for two years – a former US Navy pilot saw hundreds of UFOs branding them as a threat to life security

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A former US Navy pilot claimed to have seen thousands of flying saucers. Graves saw them fly over restricted airspace and called it a “ security threat, ” saying every day off the coast of Virginia in early 2019, “ unknown planes ” appeared. in Washington
Former US Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves claimed to have seen thousands of flying saucers flying in restricted airspace every day for two years. Graves described the flying saucers as a “security threat”. He said that in early 2019, these “ unknown planes ” were seen on the Virginia coast every day.

The US Navy’s claim comes at a time when the US Defense Secretary and National Intelligence Director are set to submit a report on flying saucers or UFOs a month later. Graves said in a conversation with CBS that he was concerned about these flying saucers. Lieutenant Graves said, “I am worried if I say this clearly.

Graves said that if these unknown planes came from another country it would have been a big problem, but it’s something different and we don’t want to pay attention to this problem either. He said: “We are happy to just ignore those who watch us every day. When asked if the planes he saw flying in the sky could be American intelligence planes or surveillance planes from an enemy country, Graves said it was difficult to say.

He said, “These planes have speed and altitude. I don’t know what they were. I would say it is most likely a threat monitoring program. Earlier in April, the US government confirmed that the leaked photos and videos of flying saucers were correct. The US Department of Defense spokesman said Marines photographed triangular-shaped objects in 2019.

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