UFO Intelligence Report: If Aliens Are Confirmed In The World, New Religions Will Come, The Army Will Be Exorbitantly Spent: Barack Obama

In the midst of the global flying saucer (UFO) debate, former US President Barack Obama has said that if the lives of aliens are confirmed, then many people’s religious beliefs will change. After that, a race will start around the world to equip yourself with weapons and a lot of money will be spent. Due to this, many revolutionary changes will be observed all over the earth.

Obama said new religions would emerge if aliens were confirmed. With this, to deal with any threat from aliens, the demand for weapons spending in the world will increase very quickly. Obama said the presence of aliens would not change his outlook on life. This Barack Obama statement came at a time when there have been reports that US military personnel often continue to see UFOs.

In a conversation with The New York Times, Obama was asked about his views on whether aliens were confirmed about the Earth investigation. To this question, Obama replied, “It’s very interesting. Obama said, “This is going to completely change my politics because I have believed in all of my politics that we are the only living beings floating in this infinite space.

The former president said: “But there is no doubt that we will have to spend a lot of money on weapons to protect ourselves. Not only that, new religions will also come. Earlier recently, CBS News showed that many soldiers saw UFOs in the sky. On the other hand, US intelligence officials have not received any information about such a flying saucer as part of the investigation. However, intelligence officials are not yet able to say whether or not there are UFOs.

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