UFO News: Alien Attack on Earth Date, Time Traveler, UFO and alien drones

A professor at Harvard, one of the best universities in the world, has made a sensational statement about UFOs. He said UFOs could be drones with artificial intelligence (AI) from aliens coming to Earth from an ancient civilization existing in space. Many times the question has arisen as to whether humans are alone in the universe? Now, to find the answer, Harvard astrophysicist Professor Avi Loeb has embarked on a new mission to attempt to answer this question.

Things related to aliens looking for the ‘Galileo Project’
According to the Daily Star report, Professor Avi Loeb named this project Galileo. The goal of this project is to use science to potentially identify anything in our skies that can be considered 100% alien. He also engaged some of his scientific colleagues in this mission. All of these scientists are looking for clear evidence of extraterrestrial life in their studies.

7ft long aliens will land on earth, war will break out, sensation due to time traveler claim
“UFOs are equipped with artificial intelligence”
He said that was enough time to send chemical-powered spacecraft with artificial intelligence to Earth. These planes are also capable of flying autonomously. This is necessary because the distance between the stars is very long and may force the aircraft to operate in automatic mode. He said I can imagine the tools that were put in place by civilizations a billion years ago.

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Oumuamua learned from fragments of alien spacecraft
Professor Loeb came into the limelight when he suggested in 2018 that Oumuamua, a near-Earth space occupant, was in fact a fragment of an alien spacecraft, which moves near our Earth in the form of waste. He told Sun Online it could be something of a supernatural world. Imagine the human civilizations of millions of years ago. It also predates most stars that formed before the Sun.

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U.S. report also doesn’t rule out UFO presence
Professor Loeb’s remarks came after the US Department of Defense Pentagon report failed to rule out the possibility of aliens and UFOs. A report by a US task force investigating UFOs has neither confirmed nor rejected the idea that the appearance of such objects could be a sign of aliens coming to Earth.

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Time Traveler claims 7ft aliens are coming
A time traveler has claimed that next year, seven-foot-long aliens will land on Earth. This time traveler claims to be from the year 2491. This man, who runs the Futuretime Traveler blog, bizarrely claimed he would go to war with the humans living on earth. Futuretime Traveler wrote in the caption of their video that “What you call aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year. The exact date of their first sighting is May 24, 2022.

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