ufo seen: UFO seen in Hawaii: Flights seen in Hawaii

Right before the end of 2020, a puzzle was created. A “flyby” was seen in the sky over the United States last week. Many people saw this blue object which later fell into the ocean. Those who watched him immediately gave information about the emergency number. At the same time, the administration claims that during this period no aircraft left this area.

Seen in many places
In the video shared on social media, people are surprised to see something flying in the sky. He was seen from different places. People told local media that this object was going at high speed. Some people have mentioned the appearance of blue and white light. According to a report by Hawaii News Now, according to the Honolulu Police Department, they did not get any information about it.

At the same time, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman Ian Gregor says police reported an object falling on the night of December 29, but no planes had disappeared from radar and no such report has been filed.

Alien passed?
The peculiarity is that these reports from Hawaii came at a time when a professor at Harvard University not only asserted the existence of aliens, but also said that they had passed near us about. three years. Professor Avi Loeb says the Oumuamua space rock seen on October 19, 2017 was in fact evidence of extraterrestrial life. It was observed by the PAN-STARRS1 telescope at the University of Hawaii.

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