Ugandan boy piloted Cessna plane whose Elon Musk model became sensation: 7-year-old ‘captain’ flies in Uganda; social networks are raging

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The 7-year-old ‘captain’ from an African country, Uganda, has made headlines around the world.
The 7-year-old “captain” from an African country, Uganda, has made headlines around the world. The captain caused panic by flying the Cessna passenger plane three times. Captan’s real name is Graham Shema and his role model is American businessman Alan Musk. Graham is affectionately referred to as “Captain” because of the amazing information about the airplane and the art of flying.

Only the 7-year-old captain has ever flown a Cessna 172 as a trainee. Graham, who is passionate about math and science, said his dream was to become a pilot and an astronaut and someday go to Mars. Graham said my role model was Elon Musk. He said, “I love Elon Musk because I want to learn from him about space and go to space with him and join him.”

Information provided accidentally on the aircraft
Captain was interviewed on local television and was also invited to meet with the German ambassador and the country’s transport minister. When Graham’s instructor asked to talk about a plane at Uganda International Airport, he furiously gave full information about it. Graham’s desire to fly arose when a police helicopter blew up the roof of his grandmother’s house, flying from below.

The incident took place on the outskirts of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Graham was playing outside at the time of the incident and according to his mother, the worm of becoming a pilot had been born in her son’s mind ever since. Graham’s mother said it was only after this incident that her son began to learn how to operate the plane. Graham’s mother then contacted the local aviation academy and began to notify Graham about the plane at home. Five months later Graham flew for the first time and said, “It looked like the bird was flying in the sky.”

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