UK action plan to protect journalists: UK launches action plan to prevent harassment and abuse against journalists and journalists: UK introduces action plan to protect journalists from attacks and abuse

The UK government on Tuesday released the country’s first national action plan to protect journalists from harassment, attacks, etc. The plan includes further investigation and training of police forces and journalists on cases of violent threats against journalists, intimidation and intimidation of journalists in relation to their operation.

Complaints of attacks against journalists
The government took this step following complaints from journalists in which they spoke of receiving threats, beatings, stabbing, forced hostages, rapes and deaths, etc. in relation to work.

Johnson said – the freedom to work without fear
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that freedom of speech and freedom of the press are at the heart of our democracy and that journalists should provide an environment in which to do their jobs without fear. He said: “The despicable attacks and harassment against only journalists doing their job cannot continue.” This action plan is only the beginning in the direction of protecting those who provide information to the public and those who hold the government accountable.

In November 2020, respondents to the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) found that half of the people answering their questions were online abusers and around a quarter were victims of attacks.

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