UK citizens ‘travel ban: UK citizens’ overseas travel to be banned soon as part of new wave of Covid-19 in Europe

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UK may ban non-essential overseas travel for its citizens: speed of corona virus rising in UK
Soon the British may be banned from going on vacation abroad. In fact, Britain is currently grappling with a serious infection with the corona virus. Thousands of new cases arise every day. Meanwhile, when the government imposed a lockdown to prevent infection in Corona, people began to demonstrate in the streets. With which the British government now seems to be tightening.

Risk of new corona strains in the country
UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace has said if travel plans are not tightly controlled there is a risk that passengers will bring new varieties of the deadly virus. Wallace told Sky News we can’t keep our eyes and ears closed because of what’s going on outside of Britain.

The British Defense Minister indicated
He said in question that we cannot jeopardize the benefits of our vaccination campaign. If somehow we get reckless and invent new varieties that are going to endanger us, what will people say about it? His statement came on the weekend when England vaccinated more than half of adults as part of its vaccination program.

People took to the streets against the lockdown
Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to hold talks with his EU counterparts this week as the dispute over the supply of the Kovid-19 vaccine continues. Thousands of people took to the streets of London to protest the lockdown. These people had carried a board in their hand, which was written: “Do not be afraid of the crown, but of the government” “Stop ruining the lives of our children”.

36 people arrested in London
London Metropolitan Police have arrested 36 people on charges of violating restrictions on the corona virus. While people threw bottles and canes at the police. Many MPs have also spoken out against the government’s lockdown decision. A delegation of around 60 MPs met with the interior minister and urged reducing restrictions.

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