UK coronavirus vaccination has started: Corona virus vaccine introduced in UK, 90-year-old grandmother receives first vaccine – coronavirus vaccination started in UK, first vaccine against the Covid virus administered to grandmother Margaret Keenan

The end of the corona virus epidemic that has killed millions of people around the world has begun. Britain has started to introduce the Corona virus vaccine and Pfizer’s first vaccine has been applied to 90-year-old grandmother Margate Keenan. Margate is the first person in the world to be vaccinated with a corona virus. With this, Britain launched the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history. The campaign includes 50 UK hospitals. When applying the vaccine, priority is given to the elderly, hospital staff and nursing home staff.

Immediately before the birthday, grandmother’s vaccine donation

Margaret Keenan was vaccinated at around 6:30 a.m. with the Corona virus from Pfizer. Margate will be 91 next week and she received the gift just before her birthday. Wearing a blue “Merry Christmas” t-shirt, Margate is also referred to by her friend Maggie. Margate was vaccinated at Coventry University Hospital and in Warwickshire. Margate smiled as he got the shot. Margret previously worked as a jewelry assistant and retired 4 years ago. They have a daughter, a son and four grandchildren.

Health Minister cries upon seeing Margate vaccinated

After receiving the Corona virus vaccine, Margate said, “I am very proud to have received the Corona virus vaccine first. It’s the best gift before my birthday. This means that I will now be able to easily celebrate the New Year with my family and friends. Margate thanked the doctors. I advise people to get vaccinated against the Corona virus. After Tika Lagwan, Margret looked very calm. On the other hand, Health Minister Matt Hancock said he cried with joy when he saw Margate get the Corona shot. The British Prime Minister also said corona vaccination had started in the country.

8 lakh people will receive corona vaccine in Britain

With this, the introduction of Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine to 8 lakh people in UK has started. The dose of vaccine will be injected into the upper arm. A second blow will be given 21 days later. Some immunity will be available 12 days after the first dose and fully 7 days after the second dose. As of now, it was found in the analysis that 95% of the vaccinated people were saved from Kovid-19. At the same time, it affected 94% of the elderly. Immunity to it can last at least 6 months or more. No serious side effects were found in the vaccine trial. Some people saw pain in the arms, fever, or muscle aches, but it was not very worrying. The UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency is monitoring any serious effects.

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