uk covid 19 new strain latest news: More than 15 countries including Saudi Arabia and Canada have postponed flights over fears of the new Corona strain in Britain

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Saudi Arabia has taken tough action after the terror of the novel corona virus spread to the UK, Canada, France, Germany and Bulgaria. Saudi Arabia has suspended all international passenger airlines in view of Corona.
Fear of the spread of new strains of the corona virus in Britain is growing. After Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Chile and Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia has taken a radical step. Saudi Arabia has announced that it has temporarily suspended all of its international passenger airlines following the discovery of a new type of Corona (Strain) and its rapidly growing cases.

Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry said the week-long flight ban could be extended until medical information on the nature of the virus is clarified. He said the country’s land and sea ports will also be closed. The government has ordered the immediate return of the Kovid-19 to all who returned from European countries in the past three months. The ministry said the suspension will not affect cargo flights and the country’s supply chain.

New strain of coronavirus: New strain of Corona in Britain ‘out of control’ stops flights around the world, emergency meeting in India today
Canada bans UK airline
Meanwhile, Canada has halted passenger flights from Britain following the new strain of the Corona virus in southern England. An official familiar with the development confirmed this on condition of anonymity. France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland and Bulgaria have already announced a travel ban to Britain. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the closure of markets and a mass mobilization in southern England ahead of Christmas following the rapid spread of the new form of the corona virus.

Great Britain: Prime Minister Boris Johnson said as new strain of corona virus spreads quickly, European countries stop flights
Johnson has imposed strict Category 4 restrictions with immediate effect, saying a new strain of the corona virus appears to have spread 70% faster than the old virus and than London and southern England The infection may spread quickly. However, the British Prime Minister said that no evidence has yet been found to prove that the new type of virus is more deadly and that the vaccine will be less effective.

Corona’s banned flights scare Britain

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