UK defense capabilities: nuclear weapons Tanks Fighter jets and drones Future plan for the British army: The British military will purchase nuclear bombs, fighter jets, tanks and drones for future wars

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Amid heightened tensions with China and Russia, Britain is spending $ 200 billion to increase its strategic strength; Prime Minister Johnson prepares to modernize his army
Britain has started working on a plan to make its army more powerful under tension with China. In the times to come, the British Royal Army will dramatically increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons. Not only that, there are plans to include many new and deadly fighter jets in the British Air Force fleet. Apart from this, tanks, drones and rifles equipped with advanced technologies will also be purchased. The British government is expected to spend $ 200 billion (12 lakh crore rupees) to equip the army with new weapons.

Planning the Army’s Preparation for Future Wars
According to The Telegraph, all of this preparation is done with future wars in mind. Defense sources have reportedly said that many weapons already used to strengthen the army will also be withdrawn. They will be replaced by weapons with new and advanced capabilities. There is a plan to spend more on this, especially given the strength of the drone during the war. An officer associated with the British Army said we are seeing drones in use everywhere. How to face it or how to make it our strength? We are working on it.

Britain to dramatically increase drone strength
According to the report, a high-level government source said that nowadays many enemy countries, ranging from terrorists, also have modern equipment and killer drones. Drone technology has spread rapidly and this is one of the main reasons for our concern. Explain that the British military and America are waging war against terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

Britain to unveil military future plan next week
The UK’s first defense-related document, the UK Integrated Review, is expected to be released next week. In it, the country’s defense and security priorities will be presented to the world. Including ambitious plans to resume Royal Navy patrols in the Asia-Pacific region after the end of colonialism. A second policy document, the Defense Command Document, will be released on March 22. It should go into the details of the modernization plans of the armed forces.

Tension increased from China, Britain stepped into action, will send destroyer aircraft carrier “ Queen Elizabeth ” to Asia
What to buy in the UK
From this budget it is planned to buy something for all branches including the Royal Army, Navy, Air Force and Strategic Command. It will cost over £ 1 billion to modernize the Army’s Challenger-2 main battle tank (MBT) fleet. Apart from this, it is planned to purchase several new types of armored vehicles, anti-missile systems.

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