UK discovers second variant of Covid-19 virus: second new strain of Corona found in UK in 1 week

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Another new strain of the virus has emerged in Britain. The second new strain is even more contagious than the previous two cases of this new variant of Corona in Britain.
After the discovery of the new strain of corona virus in the UK, another new strain of virus has emerged. The second new strain is also very contagious. Experts warn the country is facing yet another wave of infection from the new form of the virus. Cases of the corona virus were recorded in Britain on Wednesday.

British Minister for Health confirmed
British Minister of Health Matt Hancock said on Wednesday that two cases of the redesigned Kovid-19, reported in South Africa, have also been reported in Britain. Just as the corona virus was discovered in Great Britain, different types of viruses have been detected in South Africa.

A new strain can increase the problems
Hancock said in both cases of the overhaul, people had come into contact with people who had returned from South Africa in recent weeks. The new appearance of the virus is very disturbing as it spreads the infection very quickly and it looks like the virus has changed in addition to the new version found in the UK.

Britain has banned travel from South Africa
The British Minister for Health has confirmed the immediate ban on travel from South Africa and said people from South Africa or those who have come into contact with them in the past fifteen weeks should immediately be isolated . British scientists are studying a new form of the virus in a laboratory in south-eastern Inland. Large parts of Britain will face a ban due to the new form of the Corona virus.

Corona registers case in Great Britain
The UK on Wednesday recorded a record 36,804 infections. It is the first time that such cases have occurred since the start of the epidemic. Due to the rapid spread of the infection, category four will be banned from December 26 after Christmas in the east and south-east of England. Under the amended rules to prevent infection, people living in the category one to three zone can get together on Christmas. People living in the category four zone will be able to celebrate Christmas with the members of the household.

No more evidence of new corona virus spread in Britain: Vivek Murthy

The lockdown has been implemented in Britain
Previously, UK Prime Minister Johnson imposed strict Category 4 sanctions with immediate effect, claiming that a new strain of the corona virus has emerged which is spreading 70% faster than the old virus and the infection can spread quickly to London and the south of England. The lockdown has been implemented with strict restrictions since Sunday to increase the rate of infection, forcing millions to stay indoors. Non-essential stores and establishments have also been closed.

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Another dangerous strain of Corona found in Britain

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