UK Government Against Farmers’ Protest: Kisan Andolan News: UK MPs Not Working, UK Said – Land reform India’s internal issue – Farm reform is India’s domestic policy issue, UK government says on farmers protest in India

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The British government has called land reforms an internal Indian issue. Even in the event of the January 26 violence, Britain said: “Governments also have the power to enforce law and order. 40 British MPs wrote a letter calling for pressure on India.
The mobilization of British deputies around the peasant movement could not put pressure on the government of Boris Johnson. The British government told Parliament on Saturday that agricultural reform is an internal Indian matter. Many British MPs urged the British government to put pressure on India on the peasant movement. This issue has also been raised in the UK Parliament.

Britain called agricultural reforms India’s domestic policy
In response to a written question to the UK Parliament, Nigel Adams, Minister for Asian Affairs at the UK Foreign Office, said we are aware of the concerns in India and here in Britain as to how these reforms may affect the farming community. He added that agricultural reform was a matter of domestic policy for Indian officials.

India’s attitude to the January 26 violence was appreciated
On January 26, when asked about the UK government’s assessment of peasant protests, he said the right to legally assemble and display an attitude is common to all democracies. Governments also have the power to enforce law and order if protests cross the legitimacy of legal borders.

British government in favor of friendly relations with India
In the past, questions have been raised about the peasant movement with the British government. But, each time, he tried to differentiate himself, calling it an internal Indian affair. The British government is believed to be more inclined to maintain friendly relations with the Indian government. India also made Prime Minister Boris Johnson the main guest on Republic Day, showing respect. However, he canceled his tour due to the increase in Corona cases in Britain.

Confusion over farmers’ movement UK Prime Minister Johnson said: I am concerned about the situation in Pakistan and India
British MPs wrote letter on peasant movement
36 British MPs led by Labor MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi wrote a letter to Commonwealth Secretary Dominic Raab in support of the peasant movement. In this letter, the deputies had demanded to put pressure on India against the law on the farmers. The MP faction called on Dominic Robb to speak to the Indian government through the support of Sikh farmers in Punjab and abroad and the Commonwealth office.

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