UK judge says he is satisfied that evidence on Nirav Modi can be condemned: UK court approves Nirav Modi’s extradition to India

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British court approves Nirav Modi’s extradition to India; Nirav Modi’s mental health and suicide plea also rejected
The UK court has delivered its verdict on the extradition of wanted diamond businessman Nirav Modi to India in the nearly $ 2 billion Punjab National Bank fraud case. Before Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London, Judge Samuel Googie said that I am satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to convict you. The court also said that Nirav Modi conspired to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses.

Nirav Modi’s mental health argument also dismissed
The UK court also dismissed Nirav Modi’s plea for mental health issues. The court said that in such a situation it is not uncommon. The judge said Nirav Modi will receive adequate treatment and mental health care at Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai. The judge said there was no risk of suicide sending Nirav Modi to India as he has an adequate medical facility in Arthur Road Prison.

Even after the decision, it will take time for Nirav to come to India
However, even after this ruling, Indian investigative agencies and Nirav Modi will have the option of appealing to the High Court. As a result, it is believed that the hearing in this case may be extended. Nirav Modi was arrested on March 19, 2019 on an extradition warrant, and has been implicated via a video link from Wandsworth Prison during several hearings related to the extradition case.

UK court did not give Nirav Modi a bond
Numerous attempts to release Nirav Modi on bail have been rejected by the lower court and the High Court because he is at risk of absconding. He will face criminal prosecution in connection with cases registered by the CBI and the Directorate of Enforcement in India. Apart from this, other cases are also registered against him in India.

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